Who Are We?

The Women’s Guild conducted a brief survey recently, asking women to rank issues that are important to them.  The results were surprising.  Housing was the number one concern, followed by dignity and purpose.  Money came in fourth; food was last.  What does this say about us?

Housing is an important issue especially for single women, especially those over 50.  We may be single by choice or because our spouse passed away.  In either case, we are women who are often ignored, an invisible part of society.  We struggle with finances because the past decade of recessions decimated our retirement.  Maybe we lost our jobs as companies struggled to deal with the recession and the increased tax burdens.  You probably know a few of us – maybe not.  Who are we really?

We are women who

  • Seek affordable housing.
  • Want to feel safe where we live.
  • Are active and wish to contribute to our community and each other.

We are women who …

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