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Daily Practicum for the Unemployed: Resume Keywords

Now that you have the first draft of your resume ready to go, have your friends and family critique it.  If you’ve surfed the Internet for resume help, you’ll find most of them advise to engage the recruiter and the tracking programs with keywords.

Does your resume include the keywords that quickly identify you as an expert?  Keywords will vary based on your industry and expertise, but all the online sites I researched agree, resumes that contain the most relevant keywords in the right places get the most hits.  This is why it is so important to customize your resume for each job.

Job hunters are encouraged to post more than one version of their resume to improve the odds of getting hits.  This is why it is so important to maintain and update your resume.

Here are a few links to online resources to resume keywords:

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Daily Practicum for the Unemployed: Resume Reminders

A few reminders before you put together your resume:

  • Dates should only be used for your work history; don’t include dates anywhere else on your resume
  • Only list that last ten years for your work history
  • Keep a summary to two sentences – shorter is better
  • Think keywords – the automated tracking systems will look for keywords associated with the job posting

Here is a sample resume format:  Resume Sample 1

More to follow soon.