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Money-Saving Tips on Grocery Shopping

We all find ourselves a little tight on funds these days, so I would like to offer some frugal tips on how to stretch your funds at the grocery store. Any grocery store will do; I happen to shop at Kroger’s.

First tip:  Only shop on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the double fuel points; Thursday for the 5% off your purchases if you are 60 plus.

Second tip: Use the electronic coupons through the store – most have them these days.

Third tip:  Cut out those Sunday paper coupons.  I learned the hard way that I don’t cut out a coupon or load it unless it is something I normally buy and my family uses, or it goes to waste and I waste my money.

When I shop, the goal is to get at least half off my grocery bill and a minimum of one dollar off a gallon of gas each month. Note that sometimes there are restrictions; for example, Kroger only allows 35 gallons at a discount, so I split my discount and use the 50 cent a gallon twice to get 70 gallons vs 35 at a dollar off.

Hope this helps!