Temporary and Contract Agencies – Give Them Another Try

This is a revisit from the WG Facebook site a month ago.

I thought to share this as many of us are still members of the ‘long-term unemployed’. I am working as a temporary with a local agency. If you have not tried with an agency recently, please try again; business is seeing a slight rise in hires, as funding has become available with the new year. Albeit budgets are slimmer, but it is worth a try. Budgets will start drying up again in June.

Six months ago when I sent out several cover letters with my resume to agencies, I did not receive a single response. I repeated this several weeks ago, and I received several replies with solid offers for temporary assignments. The pay is half what I used to make in my career, but it is income. I’m considering this to be a vacation from worry.

If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, they may not be as helpful, but a good next step is to visit the unemployment office and research a grant on a new career. Medical coding is the way to go, I hear – rather ironic.

Wishing you well, and please let us know how you are doing.

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