Obesity and Processed Foods

OBESITY, obesity, Obesity!  We are a fat nation, and we know it.  Yes, genetics has much to do with being overweight, but it must be something else as well, because I don’t remember so many of us being overweight when I was a teenager!  I definitely need to lose a few pounds too.  So what is the cause?obesity map

As a person who believes issues are usually an accumulation of smaller issues, I don’t think it is any one reason.  I believe we’ve become more sedentary as we’ve moved from the industrial to technological and into the information age; and we boomers can cover that gamut.  But I also believe it has to do with what we eat and drink. 

There are so many new processed food and containers to hold them, and we have been the guinea pigs all along.  I think it is the boomer generation that will suffer the most in the end.  Thank goodness our children are demanding accountability for the foods they eat.  And I love the idea of urban gardening.  What are we boomers doing about it?

I came across this article, Obesogens:  Hormone-Related Weight Gain, by a Dr. Stephen Sinatra, and it just rang true to me.  I think it is definitely one of the causes of our obesity epidemic.  There are so many chemicals in our food stream!  I for one will be much more careful about eating fish from fish farms; and no more creamer in my Sunday coffee.  I’ll endeavor to avoid other toxic habits too, but I’m sure the years of eating processed foods has taken its toll. 

I recall a book I read quite a while ago, during the days of Adelle Davis; it was titled The Rotation Diet.  I recall a recommendation for eating apples and apple cider vinegar for clearing out the system.  I remember it, because my country aunt always told me how good apple cider vinegar is for cleansing the body.  Who remembers Adelle Davis?  Who remembers those country remedies?

On that note, a great day!

Obesogens: Hormone-Related Weight Gain – Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Obesity Prevalence Map, 2014 – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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