I Will Vote On Tuesday

I will vote on Tuesday. 

US Presidential Seal

How does one decide?  Some say choosing the lesser of two evils or least frightening is the way to choose, but is that a wise basis for a decision?  Keeping up with the news is impossible if you eat and sleep, let alone work.  The best I can do is consider what the candidates “bring to the table”.  I will vote based on my own opinions and analysis.

This is what I consider important when researching candidates:

Key Elements / Sources

Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

1.      Past performance Senate Voting Record

GAO Reports

House Committees

Senate Committees


Trump:  The Art of the Deal

The America We Deserve

Donald Trump Investments




2.      Money trails Federal Election Commission

Top 10 Contributors

Federal Election Commission

1995 Tax Return

3.      Transparency Read from your trusted sources.   How much information are they willing to share?
4.      Company they keep Any mainstream and special interest media outlet.   These days it is a free-for-all.
5.      Policies Candidate Issues and Policies


Candidate Issues and Policies

100-Day Action Plan


Other sites to consider:  Be warned, every web site has an agenda that may not support your views.  Though they read “non-partisan”, they will report with an agenda in mind.  Read carefully and you decide.

  1. Brookings: 2016 Election
  2. On the Issues
  3. Where They Stand on Foreign Policy

I review sites like govtrack.us for Clinton’s voting record.  I look at the GAO reports from the Inspector General regarding issues during Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.  I’ll read and reread “Trump:  The Art of the Deal” and “The America We Deserve” to fill in the blanks for Trump.  Did you know or remember he ran for President in 1999?  I’ll pay attention to the trail of money into their campaigns to determine influences.  I’ll read and read some more between the lines to understand just how consistent and timely are the statements they make.  I’ll visit and revisit their campaign web sites to check on their current policies; both Clinton and Trump have changed their stances on issues over the years.  Changing ideology is not a bad thing, it can be about growth.  As we learn, accumulate knowledge and skills, we change.  I hope it is good change for political candidates.

I also support Article V for a Convention of States.  I consider it a backup plan.  And, of course, I pray and keep praying.

Best wishes!

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