Featured Member

Working With Women-Owned Businesses


Welcome to the pilot launch of the Featured Members page.  This is a new endeavor to spotlight women-owned small businesses for our readers.  Many women, especially those over 50 years of age, struggle in today’s economy, having lost jobs during the ten year recession – which is not over for them.  As a result of their ongoing unemployment, many have reinvented themselves as entrepreneurs to sustain themselves and their families.  

Please join us in welcoming them to the Women’s Guild through your support.  Of course we encourage you to make purchases, but also please feel free to make suggestions.  This is currently a pilot program, so we’d appreciate your feedback.  

Are you a woman-owned business?  Over 50?  Would you be interested in improving your marketing and sales and gain access to similar businesses and support services?  Contact sales for additional information.  Meanwhile, enjoy the site and feel free to contact us with suggestions.