Daily Practicum for the Unemployed: Create Your Resume Worksheet

Just hearing the word resume sends even the seasoned professional into a tizzy!  Supposedly these represent all that you are in the workplace … wow, that is intimidating.  Further, we know that our resume is not even seen by a recruiter over 80% of the time, because most resumes end up in the ‘black hole’ of some application software.

You may ask why do we put together a resume since we have to enter the same information into a form online?  Well, we do this for a number of reasons, including it is ‘what we’ve always done’.  OK, not the best reason, but there are more.  There are hundreds even thousands of people who want and need to apply for a job.  The only way to manage the volume is to engage technology to help distill the many into the few.  It is impersonal, often ineffective, but necessary.  So, the next question is how do we make our resume stand out?   That is the purpose of these resume exercises.

We are building a resume that not only represents the best of who we are in the workplace, we are building our confidence in who we are!  We have a lot to offer, and our goal is to help recruiters see what we see.  It is not easy, but well worth the effort.

Therefore, the next step is to create a resume worksheet.  This worksheet will be used as our reference sheet and our ‘copy and paste’ source for online forms.

You can find the template Reference Worksheet.

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